A guide to Products and Services

There are a number of products offered for sale but if you have a particular request for something that has not been included, please get in touch and I will get back to you with an all-inclusive price.

The same principle applies to overseas customers who wish to enquire about available products and shipping charges.
Image Optimising Services

Image optimisation can make or break a photograph and all too often, it is apparent when this aspect of photography is taken too far, producing an exagerated result or an obvious misunderstanding of the software being used.

For more than a decade, I have been optimising and fine-tuning images, both for my own personal use and for a multitude of clients. The end result might simply be a case of perfecting the base level settings to 'normalise' a photograph, or it might be a case of taking it a lot further with a particular look being achieved. Black & White is another popular aspect and here again, it takes a lot more than simply clicking the Graysacle button! Clarity, Hue and Tonal Contrast play a critical role in achieving a fine Black & White image from a colour original.

Whatever your goals, I have the experience and the track record to get the best out of your images - whether you are wanting to print and frame your work for personal display, or have it looking its best for an exhibition and gallery. I am also experienced at cleaning photographs from lens marks, even with complex images.

If your photographs need that certain something and you are struggling to achieve the look you are hoping for, please get in touch and I will help in whatever way I can. Costing depends entirely on the complexity and extent of the work required per image, but as a general guide, prices start at £25.00 for base level optimisation.

Shown below are some examples of optimisation with a variety of end results.