Moths are a wonderful and often overlooked part of our natural world. Their numbers are declining and although they are often perceived as being dull and uninteresting, they are in fact an important part of our ecosystem.

This gallery is primarily a record of species I have been lucky enough to see and I hope it helps to demonstrate their beauty and diversity.
Alder Moth | Acronicta alni nr. Membury, Devon 14_07_13-2 (3000px)Angle Shades forewing stuck on window - Castle House, Membury 03_10_13Angle Shades | Phlogophora meticulosa - Castle House, Membury 19_08_13 altAngle Shades | Phlogophora meticulosa - Uplyme, Devon 24_09_09 cropAngle Shades | Phlogophora meticulosa - Yarty Valley, Devon 15_08_03 duotoneAngle Shades | Phlogophora meticulosa nr. Membury, Devon 20_05_14-2 (edited)Barred Straw | Eulithis pyraliata nr. Membury, Devon 13_07_13-1 (3000px)Blood-vein | Timandra comae - Membury, Devon 21_06_09Brimstone Moth | Opisthograptis luteolata nr. Membury, Devon 13_07_13-1 (3000px)Buff Arches | Habrosyne pyritoides - Membury, Devon 27_06_10-1Buff Arches | Habrosyne pyritoides nr. Membury, Devon 14_07_13-3 (3000px)Buff Ermine | Spilosoma luteum - Castle House, Membury 07_07_13-2Buff-tip | Phalera bucephala #1 - Yarty Valley, Devon 11_06_03Buff-tip | Phalera bucephala - Membury, Devon 27_06_10-1Buff-tip | Phalera bucephala - Membury, Devon 27_06_10-2Burnished Brass | Diachrysia chrysitis (on my finger) nr. Membury, Devon 14_07_13 (3000px)Burnished Brass | Diachrysia chrysitis nr. Membury, Devon 14_07_13-4 (3000px)Burnished Brass | Diachrysia chrysitis nr. Membury, Devon 14_07_13-5 (3000px)Canary-shouldered Thorn | Ennomos alniaria - Membury, Devon 02_09_10-1Clouded Brindle | Apamea epomidion - Uplyme, Devon 02_05_09