Golden Cap is a well known landmark on Dorset's 'Jurassic Coast' between Bridport and Charmouth, it is the highest point on the south coast of Great Britain at 626 ft (191 m).

The name derives from the distinctive outcrop of golden Greensand rock present at the very top of the cliff. The base of the cliff is strewn in rocks & large boulders and following a storm, fossilised Ammonites and Belemnites can become visible in the Blue Lias base.

This collection of photographs is a celebration of Golden Cap's variations in colour, light and mood from different viewpoints through the seasons.
Golden Cap (& Portland Bill) from Stonebarrow 10_7_07-3Golden Cap (early sun) from Lyme Regis 27_6_10-1Golden Cap (in snow) from Lyme Regis 8_1_10Golden Cap (late sun) from Lyme 7_2_10Golden Cap (late sun) from Lyme Regis 16_11_08-4Golden Cap & coast (in silhouette) from Lyme 12_4_09Golden Cap & coast (in snow) from Lyme Regis 7_1_10Golden Cap & coast (with storm) from Lyme Regis 29_6_07Golden Cap & coast from above Lyme (eveing sun) 29_8_04Golden Cap & coast from Lyme Regis 4_10_06-1Golden Cap & coast from Lyme Regis 16_4_08Golden Cap & coast from Lyme Regis 16_11_08-2Golden Cap & coast from Lyme Regis 23_12_09-2Golden Cap & coast from The Spittles 26_5_09-1Golden Cap & stormy sea from Lyme Regis 16_11_09Golden Cap from Charmouth 8_1_09-3Golden Cap from Charmouth 14_2_10Golden Cap from Charmouth 16_4_08-2Golden Cap from Lyme 13_10_08Golden Cap from Lyme 29_6_07-1