A short biography

Photography has run through my veins from a very young age. When my parents gave me my first camera - a Kodac Instamatic - I spent many happy hours experimenting and exploring with it. Now, I seldom travel anywhere without my camera - always eager for the prospect of capturing something of interest.

Although I don't specialise in a particular field, my interests are based in portraying the immense diversity of our natural world and exploring ...always exploring.

Many of us feel the magnetic draw of the sea and Dorset's 'Jurassic Coast' boasts of of our most beautiful coastlines. I feel blessed that this part of England is my home and as a result, features heavily in my images.

My photography has also played an integral role in my business as a graphics and web designer and over the past few years I have enjoyed developing my client based photography, undergoing a number of varied commissions.